Copper mirrors

Excellent laser damage resistance. Widely used in laser cutting and engraving systems. Huge range of shapes and sizes with a variety of coatings.

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A mirror needing repair
MIRROR REPAIRS Find out more >>

We can rework your copper and molybdenum laser mirrors. Repaired to ‘good as new’ operational condition. Saves time and money and re-uses valuable materials.

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gold coated
GOLD COATING Find out more >>

Excellent reflectivity in the visible, infrared and THz. Widely used with many laser applications including Er:YAG, CO2 and QCLs.

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laser repairs
CO2 LASER SPARE PARTS Find out more >>

Wide range of replacement parts for laser cutting & engraving systems. Designed, manufactured and coated to your specification. Many standard parts in stock, obsolete parts replaced or repaired.

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polishing and lapping
POLISHING Find out more >>

Standard or custom-made metal mirrors from a wide range of

materials. Chemically polished for a super-smooth finish, much better
than diamond machining.

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Unique range of laser optics for R&D, industrial and
scientific applications

Chemically polished to a super-smooth finish and with a range of optical coatings, our mirrors are widely used in many infrared applications, gas sensing, medical and dental lasers, high power pulsed and CW CO2 lasers, laser cutting and welding systems and UV and visible reflectors.

24 years experience

Laser Beam Products
have a wealth of
experience in
infrared optics.