Laser Beam Products (LBP) is a worldwide supplier of laser mirrors and infrared optics, founded in 1990 near Cambridge in England. In 1993 we were awarded East of England New Business of the Year, and we regularly receive awards and tributes from our customers. Laser Beam Products is particularly well known for metal CO2 laser mirrors and gold coated copper mirrors, but this is a just part of what we do.

Steady growth and investment in our manufacturing has given LBP the ability to provide a wide range of precision mirrors for many diverse applications. Export sales have grown strongly - LBP ships to every developed country in the world as well as the newly emerging regions.

We have developed new laser mirror designs and improved specifications of laser mirrors across the whole spectrum to keep ahead of laser and electro optical technological advances. We supply mirrors for deep UV through to THz use.

Our mirrors aren’t restricted to laser use, LBP manufacture scientific mirrors for chemical sensing, instrumentation, spectroscopy and imaging.

We have adopted lean manufacturing practices, guided by the University of Cambridge, and are a long-term member of the Association of Industrial Laser Users (AILU).

More recently we have been lapping and polishing advanced engineering parts to optical tolerances from materials such as Tungesten Carbide etc.

We look forward to many more years of working with customers old and new.

Mark Wilkinson
Managing Director