Our precision metal mirrors have wider applications in many other industries where extremely accurate parts are needed. For example we have supplied parts for fibre optic connectors, medical implants, precision instruments, environmental monitoring, spectroscopy, gas sensing, Formula 1 racing, nuclear installations, imaging, brewing and the food industry.

These customers find that conventional machining cannot give them the nanometre flatness, arc second parallelism and highly polished surfaces that they need. LBP Optics uses unique manufacturing techniques - designed for laser quality mirrors – to supply a wide range of specialist parts. Our precision lapped surfaces are ideal for many uses including semiconductor inspection equipment, lens moulds, precision mating surfaces for seals and alignment aids for scientific research.


Over the years we have lapped and polished many different materials including brass, stainless steel, electrolytic nickel, tungsten, alumina ceramics, beryllium copper, ARCAP alloy and graphite.

We always welcome the challenge of developing process methods for lapping and polishing new materials. If you have a need for highly precise metal parts, get in touch and we will see what we can do.