Visible IR

Visible/IR mirrors

Protected Silver

Protected Silver mirror coating offers excellent reflectivity in the visible and near IR, approximately 99%R from 500nm - 5um wavelength. The protective layer reduces silver’s tendency to tarnish, and improves resistance to scratching whilst cleaning. This coating also withstands high temperatures, and has a long shelf-life. Protected Silver mirrors though have poor reflectivity in the UV (< 400nm) 

Uses for protected silver coating

This coating can be deposited on to our copper or aluminium mirror substrates. These have been electroless nickel plated and superpolished for extreme surface smoothness and scatter reduction.

Choose this coating for visible and near infrared multispectral applications such as spectroscopy, machine vision, medical and scientific instrumentation, visual alignment and telecoms.

Protected silver coated mirrors can be manufactured with mounting features built-in, such as tapped holes and dowel pins, to reduce assembly time and simplify replacement.


Protected silver coatings provide excellent reflectivity in the visible and infrared:
>98% @ 0.6-0.8 microns
>98% @ 2-10 microns

Reflectivity v Wavelength for Protected Silver Coating