Uses of stainless steel mirrors

Mirrors made from uncoated stainless steel (or Inox) are extremely versatile, with uses in many industries such as pharmaceutical, brewing, medical and nuclear. The corrosion resistance of stainless steel is perfect for use in outdoor applications and in humid or dusty conditions.

Polished stainless steel mirrors have hard surfaces that can be used as a mechanical reference for other optics or equipment to be mounted on. Stainless can be CNC machined or ground to great accuracy before polishing. We can certificate the flatness and parellelism of polished stainless steel parts by interferometry  

Benefits of stainless steel mirrors

LBP Optics have made circular, rectangular mirrors and even multifaceted prisms from polished stainless steel, with laser grade reflective surfaces. The typical reflectivity of stainless steel in the visible spectrum is 60%.

The ready availability of stainless steel and ease of machining means low prices and quick delivery times even for single prototype mirrors.

We can polish most grades of stainless steel, 316L is commonly used.

Our most recent application has been polishing 2mm diameter spherical stainless steel pistons.