Mirror Repair



We refurbish and repair our customer’s used or lightly damaged laser mirrors to a ‘good as new’ operational condition – cutting costs whilst maintaining productivity and quality. Reworking of used optics is very cost effective; many of our customers are saving thousands of pounds, as well as contributing towards their environmental responsibilities. We have a management system dedicated to the efficient repair and refurbishment of used mirrors.

What can we rework?

  • Copper mirrors including water-cooled, odd dimensions, square and curved.
  • Molybdenum mirrors.

How does it work?

  • Email us with as much information as possible about your mirrors, or send them to us for inspection including any original boxes, labels or packaging that you may have.
  • We will issue you with a quote and carry out the work.
  • We only return the mirrors to you if they are in fully operational condition.

One customer, a European automotive manufacturer, saved over $15,000 by reworking their used mirrors instead of buying new. He told us, "The last mirrors you reworked for us worked perfectly…they are better than the new ones."

For more information and case studies you can download these small pdf files from our downloads page:

Rework Case Studies November 2010
Reworking Mirrors