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Resource portal

With nearly 30 years of manufacturing experience there is not much we don't know about infrared laser mirrors and the polishing and coating of high quality metal surfaces. There are some technical guides and tools here as well as our brochures and newsletters offering additional help and information, whatever your query.

We understand CO2 lasers, both beam delivery and resonators. We have software to model Gaussian beam propagation, design lenses and mirror systems and test them with our 150W CO2 laser and optical table.


LBP Newsletter Description File type File size
Sept 2009 Reworking mirrors and infrared reflectors .PDF 193KB
Dec 2009 Lightweight laser mirrors, surface roughness .PDF 193KB
June 2010 Spherical mirrors, exchange rates, beam expanders .PDF 250KB
Sept 2010 Stainless Steel Mirrors, TEA laser mirrors .PDF 200KB
July 2011 Parallelism, through hole mirrors, autocollimator .PDF 250KB
Sept 2011 21 years old, packing, AILU presentation .PDF 450KB
Feb 2012 Mirrors for QCL, novel mirror designs save money .PDF 200KB
April 2012 Volume manufacture of laser mirrors .PDF 250KB
July 2012 Terahertz mirrors, solid Aluminium mirrors .PDF 250KB
Nov 2012 Mirrors with Mounts Can Save Money .PDF 250KB
June 2013 Super-smooth polishing and surface scatter .PDF 250KB
Sept 2013 9.3um mirrors, dewpoint, pickoff mirror .PDF 200KB
Dec 2013 Unique gold coating, spherical or parabolic? .PDF 250KB
June 2014 Lapping and Polishing Expertise .PDF 220KB
Aug 2014 Press Release - LBP Steps Up Lapping and Polishing Service .DOCX 125KB
Sept 2014 Mirror Distortion, Optical Polishing, Gas Cell Mirrors .PDF 191KB
Dec 2014 Mirrors in Space, Substrates for Coating .PDF 475KB
Jan 2015 LBP at Photonics West 2015 10-12 February .DOCX 41KB
March 2015 Uncoated Copper Mirrors, Lapping, Diagonal Mirrors. .PDF 211KB
Oct 2015 Stainless Steel Mirrors, Diffuse Reflectors, CPC polishing .pdf 187KB
Sept 2016 Mirrors, Materials and Coatings .PDF 188KB
Dec 2017 Polishing graphite, spherical mirrors and mirror design .pdf 768KB
Dec 2018 Optical design, polishing titanium, tellurium copper .pdf 1.4MB
Oct 2019 Diamond machining, interferometry, polishing titanium .pdf 1.27MB

Technical documents

Document Description File type File size
Thermal Behaviour Thermal lensing & distortion of copper mirror & ZnSe .PDF 21Kb
Why do optics fail? Contamination of CO2 laser optics .PDF 250 Kb
Cleaning CO2 optics How to safely clean an optic - solvents and wipes .PDF 150 Kb
Typical Interferogram Print out from phase shifting Fizeau interferometer .JPG 150Kb
Interferogram of repaired mirror Interferogram before & after repolish and gold coat .PDF 750Kb
Guide to reworking Guide to reworking .PDF 300Kb
ISO Certificate ISO 9001:2015 certificate Jan 2019 .PDF 194Kb
Conflict Materials Statement Source of Gold material .PDF 326Kb
FT-CL Collimator FIBER Tools 1 Micron Beam Delivery - Collimator .PDF 152Kb
Hard Gold Copper Mirrors Hard Gold Copper Mirrors .PDF 546Kb
Reflectivity of Molybdenum Reflectivity of Molybdenum Laser Mirrors PDF 467Kb


Document Description File type File size
Aluminium Mirrors Features and benefits of Aluminium mirrors PDF 2.5MB
Medical and dental laser mirrors For Er:YAG and high power CO2 lasers PDF 2.6MB
Rework and repair of mirrors Case studies from customers PDF 180Kb
Miroirs et traitements En Francais PDF 200Kb
Espejos Infra rojos En Espanol PDF 200Kb
Reworking CO2 laser Mirrors Case Studies, examples and customer experiences PDF 230Kb
Press Release Reworking used industrial laser mirrors PDF 85Kb
Pictures of custom mirror types Unusual solid metal mirrors and custom designs PDF 900Kb
Silver and Aluminium coatings Data for our mirrors in the UV, Visible and IR PDF 900Kb
Prototype components Low cost production of small volume parts PDF 2.3MB
Press Release LBP at Laser World of Photonics Munich June 2015 PDF 86Kb
Press Release ULO Optics purchases LBP Optics .DOCX  
LBP Optics Brochure Company Overview LBP Optics Ltd  PDF 1MB

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