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Our gold coated mirrors offer a broad and consistent reflectivity in the infrared spectrum from 800nm to the far infrared beyond 300um wavelength. Recent literature reports the reflectivity of our gold coating as 99% for 0.2THz - 3THz frequency. The thickness of our gold mirror coating is more than 5 times the skin depth of 1THz radiation.

Our mirrors are commonly used with:

  • Terahertz imaging and other Terahertz applications.
  • Broad spectrum IR applications such as infrared gas spectroscopy where multi-wavelength infrared sources are used.
  • Infrared counter measures (IRCM).
  • Tunable QCL sources.
  • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) medical equipment.

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Mirror types

Terahertz imaging and other Terahertz applications use our gold coated mirrors for directing and collecting sub millimetre wavelength radiation. Our gold coated copper mirrors are also used at 100um micron wavelengths for mirrors for far infrared lasers such as Methanol lasers.

Infrared sources such as Optical Parametric Oscillators, and Lead Salt laser diodes are another area of research where our gold coated mirrors can be used for multiple wavelength reflection.


The chemical inertness of our gold coating finds uses in environmental monitoring of gases - such as in chimneys, flues and pipes - and of liquids where other coating materials would be destroyed.

LBP Optics polishes stainless steel mirrors for use in the brewing, nuclear, and food industries, applications where stainless steel is one of the few approved materials for use in production equipment.

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