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Uses of silicon mirrors

Silicon is a readily available material for making mirrors for use in CO2 laser systems It can be polished in large batches and coated with a number of dielectric coatings to enhance its reflectance and/or phase shift characteristics.

Often found in relatively low power lasers up to 1200 watts, silicon is the go-to material for many OEM laser manufacturers due to its thermal stability, availability and affordability.

In optical grade form, we also offer silicon lenses for use in thermal imaging applications typically 3-5 microns wavelength.

Silicon scraper mirrors are commonly used in CO2 slab discharge lasers and we have supplied such mirrors to the OEM sector.

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Benefits of silicon mirrors

Silicon mirrors are much lighter than copper mirrors, so are often used in galvanometer systems. Easily machinable, the material is offered in sizes up to 250mm diameter.

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