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The Benefits of
Hard Gold Coating

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Hard gold coating is a crucial stage of manufacturing accurate and effective metal mirrors for scientific and industrial applications. During the process of hard gold coating, mirrors are coated with a thin layer of gold, making your products more durable and practical. At LBP Optics, we facilitate this process to enhance our products as per our clients' exact manufacturing templates. For more details regarding the undeniable benefits of hard gold coating, read below and contact our attentive team of professionals today with your questions.

Boost Durability with Hard Gold Coating

  • Immense research has proven that the durability of metal mirrors is improved with hard gold coating. This process utilises chemically deposited, electroplated gold, which ensures an enhanced laser damage threshold. Our experienced scientists here at LBP Optics predict that with a copper mirror substrate, gold-coated mirrors will withstand 40 Kilowatts, exhibiting the impressive resistance of the hard gold coating.
  • Furthermore, gold is highly resistant to harsh, wet environments, decreasing the risk of corrosion. This makes mirrors which have been hard gold coated perfect conductors.

Optimise Electronic Processes

  • Many electronic manufacturers make use of gold's material properties, including its heat and electronic conductivity. Most importantly, gold is highly reflective of heat and light for metal mirrors.
  • Gold is highly ductile, meaning it can be stretched into thin wires, proving highly functional in many industrial processes and aesthetic applications such as with jewellery.
  • The image below shows an example of hard gold coating for industrial mirrors: an astronaut's visor has benefitted from the hard gold coating, as the mirror will reduce glare and heat, facilitating visibility and safety in space.

Enhance the Aesthetic Dimension of Your Mirrors

  • According to the American Museum of Natural History, 78% of gold produced yearly is made into jewellery, mainly due to the aesthetic appeal of gold. Gold is used for many decorative applications, as it is bright and reflective. At LBP Optics, we cover all the mirror surfaces, including the front sides and rear, creating immensely reflective mirrors.

Combining Craft and Details

  • If you're searching for examples of the benefits of hard gold coating, look no further. Many industries have taken advantage of the benefits of products, including examples such as the following:
  1. Hard gold-coated medical implants make devices biocompatible with high durability.
  2. Electronic components including switches, connectors, and sensors, embraced by the automotive and electronic industries.
  3. Scratch-resistant and reflective jewellery.
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